Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentines is right around the corner (aaahh!). Being that I am hosting a valentines’ day breakfast party at my house Sunday morning, I decided that I really need to get on the ball and make my house more festive. Conveniently my Mother-in-Law had a yard of this pretty v-day fabric she was not going to be able to use, so she was kind enough to give it to me. How awesome is that?!
The runner was very simple to put together. I think it took me, at most 20 minutes to iron and sew together.


While I was at it, I also quickly put together this felt heart. It is made with a wire hanger and small pieces of red felt. I worked the wire hanger into a “heart-shape” and then tied the felt pieces all around the hanger. I have seen a few fellow bloggers make similar projects, and I have to admit it looked like it was going to be easier to make than it was, but those darn wire hangers do not curve or fold just the way I wanted. It will work out alright,but between you and I, this was just a bit more work than it was worth.

Oh happy day!



Austin Lovelys said...

love your ideas! I have to think of quick Valentine day ideas! I have a girls together this friday! Valentine's day theme ;) Wish me luck! Hahahaha.

Hope your breakfast get together is full of love :)

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

The runner is a great idea. It's something that doesn't take up a ton of room when you pack it up for next year. That works for me! Very cute! :)



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