Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dresser: Work in Progress!

The main part of the dresser is almost finished. The drawers are primed and ready for their first coat...

and.... for the sake of my marriage I am hoping that I will be completly done this project by tomorrow night. Here I am, working on beautifying our bedroom all the while my husband whines about having to walk out to our cold garage to get clean underwear! Ugh, Men!

Okay in all fairness its been three days. Do you guys have any idea how cold a garage can be at 6 am when its not insualated? I dont really either, but it feels like its well below freezing. Its not fun. I know I should have left the clothes inside, but I guessI just didnt want a huge pile of clothes in a corner of our bedroom. blah, blah blah. As you can see its been a topic of great concern for my loved one. Ha!

Anyway, I am really enjoying this project. It’s a little MORE so work -okay, a lot more work than the night stand was, but it’s defiantly coming along nicely.

(in case you are interested in the BEFORE)

Tune back for the reveal...

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Austin Lovelys said...

I'm getting excited to see the finished product. :D You are always up to something challenging :)Right on!

Thanks for your email!!


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