Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to Dye Eggs with a Toddler!

First you have to prep your stations.
Plastic cups. Check.
Dye pills. Check
Water, Vinegar. Check. and Check.
Adorable picture with Grandpa. Check.

When you are finally given a hard boiled egg try chucking it as hard as possible to see what happens.

Look as cute as possible and pretend like nothing happened.

Try again.

This time we try really hard NOT to throw the egg becuase now we know it cracks.
ask for another and then SLOWLY chuck the egg in to the color solution and see how high the water will splash. Woohoo!
When it gets all over your Easter outfit, clap and hope Mommy has some stain remover.


...And this folks is how you dye eggs with a toddler!



1 comment:

Austin Lovelys said...

too cute! Your mom is as pretty as I remember her :) Tell her I said hello!!


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