Thursday, April 8, 2010

So Proud!

First let me say that Issy is absolutely, 100% afraid of blood. I dont know where she got that from, but any amount of blood makes her shake and queasy. Yesterday, after begging and pleading Brandon and I finally talked her in to pulled out one of her two loose teeth.

She pulled, tugged, twisted and still nothing.

She got a couple of good clicks and the blood our suprise she keept going. A few more turns and the tooth was dangling there. Eeek! We saw the blood and thought she would stop for sure. She didnt.

She finally pulled the tooth ALL BY HERSELF...and didnt even cry. She said that as long as she didnt see the blood she would be okay. And she was right. Right now I am so, so stinking proud of Issy I can hardly contain myself. This is one of those moments that make me realize that as she grows, she will be capable of anything she puts her mind to.

Here is my girl holding her tooth a couple of minutes after pulling it out on her own.

Yes, the tooth fairy was really good to her because she was really proud too :)


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