Sunday, July 11, 2010

Drive in Theatre - Check!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to make a list of goals that I wanted our family to accomplish this summer. We are always doing things together, but I thought that it would be neat to have a list (sunny goals) to work off of, and a ton of memories to look back on. Since posting the list we have already accomplished 3 items, which is really great! However after thinking it through, I decided that since this a blog afterall there had to be one rule: Documenting the activity with pictures. No pictures=No checking off! So..... even though we have already done 3 things, only one of them can offically be checked off. I am hopeing that the rule helps us stay accountable to the list. Anyway, I am excited to do everything our list once, but I will do it twice only if we must (wink, wink).

Our first completed item was going to the Drive-In Movies. Woohoo! A great way to kick off the summer (in my opinion). We love drive-in movies, and usually try to go at least once or twice each summer. During the drive we kept talking about how we wish there were move drive ins around and wondering why they were not more popular…Seriously! They are so much fun, right?
As I said earlier…we were so excited to get there! We packed up our snacks, our drinks, and piles of blankets. The kids thought we were having a big slumber party! Lol.

We played until it got a little darker and when the movie started (Despicable Me) we snacked on our treats and tried not to laugh too hard and bother all of the people around us.

By midnight when the second movie started (Eclipse)...which Issy, Bran and I were super excited to watch, it started raining. Argh! We gathered and moved (more like shoved) our things inside the truck. As luck would have it, the front of our truck was now facing in the wrong direction (opposite of the The theatre was packed with cars like sardines so there was no moving. By 1 pm (half way through the movie I may add) our necks were killing us, our faces were wet from sticking out the window, the truck was muggy becuase the rain does not help cool the temperature. We couldnt take it anymore and decided leave.
Why are drive in movies not more popular? You tell me. hahaha.

I missed Eclipse, and I almost cried, but this is one of those things I can see us talking about for years to come.


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