Wednesday, July 7, 2010


July has been miserably hot! By 9 am this morning the temperature was already 94 degrees with (what feels like) 100% humidity. Yuck! What do you do with kids all day when it is so hot out? What every sensible person would do...pack them up and head towards the local watering hole!
Jackson who until our trip to the pool last week hated getting wet, was too hot to sit on the sidelines. Today he was a completely different kid! As soon was we got near the water, he started jumping, screaming, and playing with Issy.



Austin Lovelys said...

Grrreat pictures girly! Those tips worked well ;) I loooove the bottom picture.

Haws Family said...

I absolutely love the close up picture of Jackson! He is so stinkin' cute!!


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