Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Month

Well, we made it through our first full month here in Massachusetts. I have to admit, it feels like we have been here waaay longer than a month, but this place is slooowly feeling more like home.
There have been a few days where we all feel super homesick, to the point we have questioned the whole move. That is normal right? Another thing is the green, everywhere green. It is so beautiful, but at the same time, there is something strange that comes with always being surrounded by trees, trees and more trees. Somedays I feel so trapped. I don't know what we would do if we ever came across an open field. Faint on the spot.

Dont get me wrong...I really love it here. The kids and I just play all day. There is a lot to do around here, now that it is summer, there is lots to do and for free. It doesnt get better than that! Earlier this week we took advantage of the Free Family Film Festival by the Regal Group. It is basically a free movie for the kids at the theatre during the week. The kids really love it. The love the pop corn, the big seats, theatre drinks. Its so fun for them!. I use the opportunity to let the kids practice their good "theatre manners" for the more expensive movies. The local library also host free activies for kids all summer long. Last week they brough a guy put a really fun soap bubble show for the kids. My kids were in awe! Next week they are brining in a magician. Super cool.

Brandon is wrapping up his 4th work week. So far he has gotten several compliments on his performance thus far. I am so proud of him but specially because up until now, he has been working with very little training. His supervisor has been very ill, and out of the office pretty much the entire time that Brandon has been employed. This has left him with very little time for traning and he has had to do and learn everything on the fly. I am more than confident he will be great no matter what.

The ONE thing he does absolutely hate is the commute. Sometimes it can take him an hour to get home, sometimes up to two hours is traffic is really backed up. It’s awful. Once our lease is up at this apartment, we are defiantly going to look further north for something closer to his work.

I think it is still too soon to stake out ground here, but we are getting there.

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