Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Before moving, Bran and I decided that I would wait until the family was settled in our new life before I got back in to the work force. HOWEVER, when the days started to blend together, our savings disappearing, and this social butterfly desperatly itching for some adult interaction, I decided it was TIME. I figured that at this point we were as settled as we were ever going to be!

Of course after the resumes went out, my biggest fear was going through all the trouble of putting my self out there, and (in a sense) be rejected. Thankfully, the interviews went well,l and I ended up with a good part time job as a property manager for an section 8 appartment building. Its perfect for me! I have always been attracted to social work, and this is as close as I can be to helping people, without actually having a degree in social work. The building is filled with mostly elderly people from the Dominican Republic, and other caribbean countries, so as you can imagine I am speaking more spanish than I have in years. It's a lot of fun. For example, twice this week I was given pieces of hard candy, AND also told I was pretty. How fun is that? I must look like a lost kid to them! The only thing that will make my job even better is getting introduced to some caribbean food (and getting my first paycheck! ;)

Grandparents: The kids are doing great! Even little Jax, who has been attached to our hip for the last few months was happy when I drop/pick them up from daycare. I was a wreck the first day, but after a couple of good mornings, I started to feel better about my decision to go back to work.

Alright.....even though its not caribbean food, I am in the middle of eating some yummy bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers and they are to die for!!! I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. It is probably one of the best cookbooks I have ever read. The cookbook has also inspired me to make the pico de gallo, the guacamole and the cinnamon rolls. All of which were a HUGE hit. I love this cookbook!

Okay, I have to figure out how to hide these puppies, so that I don't eat them all in one sitting.

Hasta la vista Baby!!!


Haws Family said...

I love this! I'm glad you're back in the workforce. You're so good with people :) Leaving the kids is tough!

Austin Lovelys said...

Congratulations! I can imagine how scary that might of been. In a new place and getting yourself out there. So proud of you! Those look yummy :O !!


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