Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day 2010 Part 1

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! I know we did. Now that I am working full time, it is getting harder to follow through with all of the activies we would like to do with the kids. Being that this weekend was a holiday weekend, and I would be home alone with the kids, I decided to really make the most of it.

Saturday we spend the day running errands, before dropping Brandon off at the train station (more on that later). We had to wake up early that day so that we could take care of everything before 3 :30 pm. By the time we dropped Brandon off, we were all beat from the little sleep and the looong week we had just endured. When I got home, both kids and I pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon. At night, we pulled out the sofabed and watched a family movie and cozied up.

Sunday, we tagged along with my friend Thania's family and went to an Apple Orchard. The kids loved going last year, and were super psyched when I told them we would be going again. The day was nice and cool thanks to the little rain and breeze hurricane Earl brought a couple of days earlier. (and No our area was not affected by the hurricane at all).

Some of our apples. Not only did they have fuji apples, but they also had Granny Smith green apples (which also happen to be Issy's favorite). I prefer the fujis only becuase the green apples are just too dang tart for my liking. We had such a good time, and thanfully Thanias family just us all in, no questions asked. We miss having our family close by and at this point we are happy to be a part of any group of people who are good to us. Issy ran like a wild horse through the orchard. What a beautiful place for a child, and in reality both kids loved every single second of the trip.

Issy has turned in to Mother Goose and loves Jackson so much. I was happy to capture this moment on camera, becuase she is so protective of him. What happened, is that the realized that the grass was taller in some areas and he was having a hard time keeping up with her and the other children. What a sweetheart! This kid has a heart of gold.

Later, Issy played on this old swing. Issy looks absolutely beautiful doesnt she?
Stayed tuned for Part 2.


martinainidaho said...

Estoy de acuerdo, Issy es tan protectora con su little brther. y ese Jackson se esta poniendo bien delgado no crees? Me alegro que se divirtieron en las manzanas, y tambien mis favoritas son las fuji, y las de Blanca como a Issy le gustan verdes. Love you guys so much and I'm so happy that you have a good friends, hugs and kisses. Mom

Haws Family said...

What a fun day :) Issy is so beautiful Martha! It sounds like you're all adjusting so well to the new area and all the pictures are so beautiful. I really wish we could head up there and visit you. The apples look yummy too!

Austin Lovelys said...

Wow what a fun activity! Those apples looks yummy ;) Jax is stretching! He does look thinner but I think it's because of all the growing he is doing. They are both darling!


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