Sunday, September 5, 2010

20 Months Old

Look at how big I am getting! Can you believe how close I am to turning 2. Oh my!!!

My favorite things are: Playing tag at the park with Sissy and Sandy. I love playing with dirt and getting dirty. I do not like mommy fussing over my dirty nails though. I love finding BIG rocks. I find them everwhere. My favorite books are still the Oh! David series! They are so funny! My favorite movie is Toy Story 2. I love Buzz and Woody. I am learning and adding new words to my vocabulary every single day. I am also getting really good at telling you when I do and do not like something. Oh, and even though Mommy claims that I look adorable in hats...I do not like them one bit.

P.S. Dont worry I am still a good eater, so keep that pantry stocked up!

1 comment:

martinainidaho said...

20 months Ha? I hope that later he like the book "everybody pups! I love you little Jack, Jack.


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