Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boston Public Garden

We made another trip to the City and by train. First of all, I am happy to report that the train lines are making more sense, and each trip seems to be less and less hectic. I almost feel like a local. Ha!

I love everything about this city. If you are bored here, it is only becuase you are a boring person. There is so many fun places to visit. This weekend, we FINALLY made our way to the Boston Public Garden. Since we found out that we were going to move here, I have been dying to bring the kids to this park for a visit.

Its hard to tell with this pictures, but the Public Garden is right in the heart of the city. The trees block out most of the noise, but right outside those gates, there is a whole lot of traffic and people. The park is like a peaceful little gateaway. Brandon and I sat on the benches, while the kids ran around carefree.

Jackson was obsessed with these short iron gates, and made it a point to walk along as much gate as possible.
That weekend also happened to be the equivilent to the Boise See Spot Walk and we got to pet a million dogs along the way.

My favorite part of this whole trip was the incredible willow trees. Beauty surrounds this park and I honestly could not get enough of it.

We walked by the famous swan boats. This is a tough year for the almst two year old, who has too many important things to do to just sit around and enjoy the ride. Next summer, we will be riding for sure.

Also, the famous duckling statue of the momma duck and her darling little ducklings. This one was also another of one of my favorite parts.

...and of course, we also saw real ducks swimming near by.

It was a really fun trip that ended with an ice-cream cone and a long tired train ride home. I'd say this was one of my favorite trips in to Boston so far.


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