Sunday, September 5, 2010

1st Grade!

I can hardly believe how old my little girl is getting. I remember holding her in my arms when she was just a newborn, (I was so naive back then), believing we had an enternity before we had to think about school, schedules and lunches. And now, here we are...that same baby that I once held, now bravely walking into the 1st Grade. Wow.

We got to school early so that we could take some pictures and check out the playground.

She was up bright an early, at least an hour before I was planning on waking her up. She told me she was just really excited. We let her relax, and take her time with her breakfast. Luckily she knew exactly what she wanted to wear, and how she wanted her hair styled. Thank you Grandma for the cute top!

I know she was getting pretty tired of all of the pictures I was taking, but she was a good sport about it anyway. Notice that for the first time this year, her backpack is not HUGE on her (sob).

Jax and Issy were enjoying their last few minutes together. Cracking each other up. This was the first day I was going to drop Jax off at daycare and he would be there all day by himself.

Finally the time to say goodbye came. It was bittersweet. Issy was the second kid to show up and line up.

Othe kids followed shortly after...and her teacher (in the pink).

After school Issy reported that luckily, this teacher is just as nice as Mrs. Webster. (Smile).



martinainidaho said...

I'm so glad tha she like the cloth, so many colors to chose, I was getting a litle impatient,but after all she love it, have fun at school, and I will see you soon!

martinainidaho said...

I feel the same way, I stil remember into this day so clear in my head when I put my little girl to the Kinder Garden bus, I was craying so hard when the bus take off.


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