Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Hike!

A couple of weeks ago, Brandon and I decided to take the kids to a hiking area that sits just behind a resevoir here in town. We kept seeing this large water area in our GPS and were curious about what it was like. Being that we were all overdue for some excersise we decided to go for it.

As soon as we started walking we were approached by two four legged friends. One of them a cute black lab pup and the second a male golden retriever. The kids and Sandy (our dog) loved having them around...and honestly the were very well behaved so we just let them tag along. It was abvious that the lived near by and were very comfortable with the area. At one point, we started to go in one area, but they, in a weird way made us follow them in the opposite direction. They actually lead us to a nice beachy area along one of the hiking paths...crazy isn't?

Can guess which golden is Sandy? (hint: the one with the red collar)

This is the beachy area the dogs lead us to. It was such a pretty area that we decided to just hang out there the rest of the afternoon. Brandon said that this place reminded him of Cascade, Idaho. When he and his siter were little, their dad would pack up the dogs, folding chairs and they too, got to hang out and play with the dogs all day.

Jackson loved having the extra dogs around. He ran until his little legs could not support him any longer. The black pup was his favorite, he was wilder and had a huge personality.

Of course Issy, becoming a young lady before our very eyes...posing for the camera.



martinainidaho said...

this is a beatyful place, next time when we go ovethere we can go to the place. So finaly what happend with the dogs, when they go home?

Martha said...

Yeah, it's really nice! Before we left, we asked someone who lived in the area if they knew the dogs...he said yes (called them by name) and called the owners.


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