Monday, December 20, 2010

Birthday Boy #2

I posted as many pictures as I could without bogging down the website, but this was our little ones Birthday in a nutshell! We ended up not having a party for him, only becuase he doesnt do so well around too many people and why overwhelm him on his special day?

As you can see, he had a blast anyway! Jackson was spoiled with a fun filled day at Kid's Wurld (no, I did not miss spell it twice, "Wurld" is the name of the place). Let's just say that this was the perfect place for a two year old to hang. Jax and Izzy ran around, bounced, laughed, stretched- basically they acted like they owed the place! Afterwards, we came home to find a package for the little one filled with ALL BOYS stuff. He had a blast tearing the presents opened, and enjoyed his ninja bike, cars and even his clothes. He looooved it all! When we were able to put his toys away (which was no easy task), we played his favorite movie...Toy Story 3.

Thank you to everyone who sent all those nice gifts, left those nice voicemails, and sent birthday cards. We miss you and wish we could have been together!

Big Hugs from the Jacksonian (aka Jackson).


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