Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Snow of 2010

First snow...well, sort of. A funny new word we hear a lot around these parts is snow "flurries" and that is what we saw today- lots of snow Flurries flying about sporadically throughout the day. It didn't stick, but you could see a faint layer building up along the streets. Today, the high was 22 degrees and wiiiiindy. Ack! I am not trying to be a wimp, but personally, I don't EVER remember being this cold in my life! The locals say that December is just the preview for the things to come...if this is the case....I am extremely nervous about what January and February will bring!

Bring on the mittens, boots and hats! Throw in a cute scarf and some hot cocoa into the mix and I am in Winter heaven!

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