Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

There is nothing else that warms my heart up like seeing my children's sweet sentiments and innocence in action. This picture is a clear indication that although as parents we make a lot of mistakes, we are still capable of getting a few right here and there. Last night, the kids helped me make some sugar cookies for Santa. Issy spent a good hour getting little eyes, scarfs and buttons on the snowmen. Later she quietly wrote another note for Santa and left it next to the cookies. It reads:
Dear Santa:
I made these just for you.
I hope you like my cookies.
Your Friend,

It just makes my heart melt. What a sweet child we are raising! I love the Christmas Time!



Stacy said...

Aww all of your pictures are so cute! The one with the kids with Santa is halarious. One is in awe the other is trying to run for his life. LOL! And your little girls letter to Santa is very sweet. :) Did Santa like the cookies? ;)

Martha said...

Yes, he loved the cookies! How could he not? I am sure he knows that we always make a special batch just for him, becuase from what I understand OUR Santa preferssugar cookies with homemade frosting!

Austin Lovelys said...

How adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute....your friend Isabel...I miss you guys so much! I am glad Santa liked the cookies!!!


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