Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Day

Jackson's "Oh Mo! face. aka Oh no!

View of the Neighborhood...

View of the street!

If you have not already heard, New Englad was hit with a "severe" snowstorm tonight and it is supposed to continue through the morning. We are supposed to be getting anywhere between 18-22 inches of snow, plus 60-80 mile winds in some parts. There is a road advisory in effect, asking people to stay off the roads. As of late last night most public centers like the YMCA, Museaums have been closed.

Thankfully Brandon is going to be working from home over the next two days as his drive is already long enough with the most ideal road continues. My worked closed the offices and our daycare also closed.

I guess this is really it! The New England winters we have been anxiously waiting for. Today, I wish I had also asked Santa for a good pair of sturdy (and fashionable) snow boots like these:

Oh, and I guess a pair of long johns would also come in handy since I HATE being cold. There is some light that comes from all of this...We dont live in a house-which means WE dont have to shovel our driveway or sidewalks. Nice! Yesterday, we stocked up on some groceries. Santa brought the kids some fun family games and we have a coffee pot brewing. I think we will get through this one just fine.


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Anonymous said...

Yes! I love snowdays!!!


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