Friday, January 14, 2011

30 Day Blog Challange: Day 8


For Christmas I got Brandon a pair of tickets to the Boston Celtics game! His exact words were, I dont care who they play. I just want to be there! Basketball is probably the only profesional game I have the attention span to watch from begining to end so I got him the tickets. Now, I am the best wife in the world.
I got the sitter set up for the evening. The only thing Bran had to worry about was leaving work early so we could catch the train on time. We were both looking forward to this night ALL week long!
We had to change trains 3-4 times to the TD Garden Center. The last train was filled with fans...all heading to our final destination. Little kids dressed in Green from head to toes, women wearing green wigs. You get the picture. It was awesome!!!

In honor or our super sweet night ALONE in the City of Boston, surrounded with thousands of crazy Celtics fans and a beer in our hands...I give you the Dropkick Murphy's I am shipping off to Boston


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