Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13

Day 13 – Your favorite musician and why?

I dont have a favorite musician. What I have is a list of my favorite CD's, soundtracks or songs. These are not really in a particular order...its just what came to mind. I am sure I am going to be upset later when I remember a song or disk that I really liked and I forgot to write it down. Oh well right? okay...here is my list.

1. Blink 182- Take off your pants and Jacket. That CD reminds me of the summer Brandon and I met and seeing them in concert together. It was the BEST CONCERT EVER! Anyway ALL of those songs remind me of Brandon. of us. of that summer! I love it. If I am having a good day, this is on.

2. Cold Play- I love almost every single Cold Play the song. Brandon and I went to go seem them in concert in Albuquerque too. It was a fabulous concert. We cuddled together on the grass and watched them play on a cool summer night. It was amazing!

3. Black Eye Peas- Who doesnt like these guys! I love to put this on when I clean, or when I work out. I love to play this around the house when the kids and I are bored- we jam! Again, its one of my favorites.

4. Officer and A Gentleman Soundtrack! I love the movie. I love every single song. I think I have purchased this CD twice becuase I have played it out....literally.

5. Kings of Leon- I love the lead singers voice!

6. Pink Floyd. Enough said.

7. Sublime. It reminds me of high school. I listened to them ALL the time.

8. Dave Mathews Band.

9. Something Corporate

10. New Found Glory.

11. Almost Famous Soundtrack!

All of them I could listen to Over and Over again.


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